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Online Advantages

Advantages of the online course include:

  • Convenience: Complete the course when and how you want. Everything is done completely online, so as long as you have an internet connection you are good to go. The course is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access the course from your tablet or smart phone.
  • Flexibility: Finish the course right away or work slowly depending on your situation. Unexpected things can happen and the online course allows you to prioritize your time without missing out on course material.
  • Individual Instruction: Throughout the course online you have constant access to your instructor via email and through the message centre in the course. This allows you to ask more direct and personalized questions that you may have otherwise not posed in a classroom environment.


In Class Advantages

Advantages of the in class course include:

  • Increased Interaction: The in class course allows for interaction with your peers as well as live instruction from the teacher. Participation is forged through group discussion and an analysis of case studies.
  • Face Time with Instructor: Live instruction gives you immediate feedback and clarity on your questions and inquiries.
  • Networking: The in class experience gives you the chance to interact with peers and exchange ideas.
  • Hard Copy of the Manuals: With the in class course you are given a hard copy of the manuals, which are yours to keep.


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